Octopus Tattoo currently hosts 3 resident artists. Click through for each artist’s gallery and contact details.

Gerry Carnelly

cropped-octologo-e1420850186446.pngGerry has been tattooing for 17 years starting his career in Manchester. Since then he’s worked in a number of studios in areas including London and Brighton. Founding Octopus Tattoo in 2006, he began to build a reputation for high quality colour work, specialising in the bio-mechanical and bio-organic styles. Octopus Tattoo expanded into larger premises in 2011 where Gerry was later joined by Mat and Leigh. Gerry also displays his work on his Instagram profile,  @gerrycarnellytattoo.

Mat Bone

cropped-octologo-e1420850186446.pngMat has been tattooing for around a decade and started as an apprentice in Kent, where he was a resident artist for 8 years. He began doing regular guest spots in various studios throughout the country – including Octopus Tattoo – and decided to move to Derby in March 2013. He still travels to regular spots in other studios and attends several conventions each year. He loves tattooing pattern work, tribal and black work and as confesses to being “somewhat geeky”. Enjoying graphical illustrations, bold colours and anything fun and/or silly! Aside from his work on this site, Mat’s work can also be viewed on Instagram, @matbonetattoo.


Leigh Boardman

cropped-octologo-e1420850186446.pngLeigh has been tattooing since 2015. Before the career change, he was a professional photographer for 8 years in Northamptonshire. Leigh loves creating blackwork tattoos and enjoys illustrative designs, with some nerdy inspired pieces. Leigh came to Octopus Tattoo after doing a couple of guest spots before moving to Derby to be with us full time! You can see Leigh’s work on his instagram @boardmantattoo or you can check out his Etsy to buy some of his artwork here