Ben Shaw

Ben started his tattoo career fresh from College early in 2000. In his earlier days he did a little bar work whilst studying for a degree and working in a studio. Ben joined as a resident of Octopus Tattoo in 2011.

He specialises in illustrative, adoring mythology, folklore, flora and fauna, supernatural and religious imagery, and – of course – skulls.

You can see examples of his work below or via his social media: instagram // facebook // email

Behind the Artist
  • Favourite Foods: I can happily eat my own bodyweight in salmon.
  • Favourite Bands/Music: Music’s very mood dependant, but I like stoner/psychedelic stuff, especially instrumental stuff to work to. Band wise, favourites would be Baroness, Colour Haze and Earth at the moment, but I’ve always got time for a bit of Pink Floyd.
  • Favourite Films: I’m not massively into films, but I like a bit of sci-fi – Blade Runner’s probably my favourite.
  • Favourite Tattoo Artists/Artists/Inspirations: Art wise, I’ve been looking at a lot of Robbie Trevino, Pushead, Nychos, and Audrey Kawasaki’s work recently, and I’ve always loved Mucha. In tattooing, I’m really into the tattoo work coming out of the Canadian tattoo scene. There’s a bunch of artists out there that really place a lot of emphasis on the draftsmanship side of tattooing and all the behind the scenes work that makes for really stunning tattoos.
  • If you were an animal, what would you be and why?: A House Cat. Seems like a good gig.
  • What projects would you like to take on in the future?: I’m looking to move towards more large scale pieces. I’ve been planning on putting some larger compositions together based on some mythological figures for a while so I’d like to get onto that, if only for paintings. I love the idea of the ‘ordinary supernatural’, so that’s something I’d like to explore a little more too.
  • Do you have any awards? I have a few – best of day, best colour, and best female – from some small conventions but nothing I’d say I really got on merit. I’ve never really been into the idea of taking on pieces specifically to enter into competitions, but maybe its something I should look to do.