Gerry Carnelly

Gerry specialises in Biomech & Bio-organic design, preferring to work with natural and organic subjects & colour work.

His influences include people like Grime, Marcus Pacheco, Greg Irons, Guy Aitchison, Ron Earhart, and Rob Koss. His favourite artists include Moebius, Bob Venosa, H.R Giger, Rick Griffin, Robert Crumb, Phil Hale, Beksinski, Szukalski to name a few. He also has a love for sci fi and underground comic book artists of the 60s,  as well as classic artists like Durer and Eastern art.

He enjoys doing large scale biomech work, or anything nature based. If theres something you have in mind – get in touch!

Contact Gerry via email at, or DM him on instagram at @gerrycarnellytattoo.