Gerry Carnelly

Gerry started his Tattoo career in 1997. Before then, he was a cleaner at a club in Manchester and also had a job as an Exam Assistant. Working for various tattoo studios throughout the UK before settling in Derby, he founded Octopus Tattoo in 2006.

He specialises in Biomech & Bio-organic design, preferring to work with natural and organic subjects & colour work.

Behind the Artist
  • Favourite Foods: Food wise, I prefer other peoples food and vegetarian stuff. Thai food is always a winner, but anything that’s cooked well and smells good, I’m havin’ it! 
  • Favourite Bands/Music: I listen to a ton of music, favourite bands at the moment are Flat Worms, Gum Takes Tooth, Pissed Jeans, Loop, Sleaford Mods, Rival Consoles, Loscil,  the list goes on. My tastes tend to run to the weird and noisy, but I love chilled out ambient, latin music, anything that suits my moods. 
  • Favourite Movies: Non mainstream by and large, anything that makes me think or weirds me out, but I indulge in brainless popcorn entertainment sometimes! I’m not really into Hollywood blockbusters. I like characters and good dialogue over CGI effects.
  • Favourite Artists/Tattoo Artists/Inspiration: People like Grime, Marcus Pacheco, Greg Irons, Guy Aitchison, Ron Earhart, Rob Koss, too many to mention, the standard is so high these days. Favourite artists are people like Moebius, Bob Venosa, H.R Giger, Rick Griffin, Robert Crumb, Phil Hale, Beksinski, Szukalski a lot of sci fi and underground comic book artists from the 60’s, but also a lot of classic artists like Durer and a lot of Eastern art too.
  • What animal would you be and why?: Obviously an Octopus, because they’re smart, weird, and persistent!
  • What projects would you like to take on in the future?: I’d like to do any large scale biomech work, or anything nature based. I’m a versatile and experienced artist and aim to give the client a tattoo that exceeds expectations.
  • What awards do you have?:  Not really got any awards other than best small colour from the Brighton convention back in 2007 I think? Awards don’t really mean anything in the long run, but they’re nice for the ego.