Mat Bone

Mat started tattooing officially in 2005. Originally from Kent, he trained there for 9 years as well as part-time in London for a couple of years before moving to Derby to broaden his horizons. He previously was a chef (fancy!) for 10 years, a barman, and anything that paid the rent. (Male escort, then!?)

He specialises in Blackwork, Pattern work, Polynesian, Pen & Ink, Comic Book styled illustrations and Geometric. 

Behind the Artist
  • Favourite Foods: I don’t trust people that aren’t passionate about food. ‘Nuff said.
  • Favourite Bands/Music?: I have wide tastes but love a good opinionated rant both for and against most stuff.
  • Favourite Movies?: I have a soft spot for foreign films & sci-fi in general.
  • Favourite Artists/Tattoo Artists/Inspirations: Too many to mention! But I’m hugely influenced by 60/70’s Comic Art and fantasy/sci-fi.
  • What animal would you be and why?: Anklyosaurus, or for a living creature, some kind of idiot primate/goat hybrid.
  • What projects would you love to take on in the future?: I’d love to do more of the same really – Celtic/Nordic, Pattern Work – Polynesian & illustration stuff. Wouldn’t say no to epic pieces or back pieces though!
  • Do you have any awards? Beginners Swimming Certificate, Quarter Finalist in the County Chess Competition when I was 10, Couple of Chef things, “Not all that fussed about Awards” award 2019.