Let the Tattoo Gods decide your fate! Be daring, turn the dial and face your trial! £50 per play. NO REFUNDS. Don’t like the design given? Your money goes straight to charity. BOOM! Good deed done for the day.

Did we mention there’s also FREE STUFF in there? Give it a go to see what you get…there may even been some tattoo vouchers in there 😉


“Do we have a choice of Artist?” 
Of course! You can book an appointment with your preferred artist, who will then complete the gumball tattoo with a hint of their style. *chefs kiss*

“Who created the Designs?”
Designs have been created by our resident artists Gerry, Mat, Leigh and Jonn. We like to change it up a bit occasionally with various flash designs from over the years, and at Halloween they’re taken over by spooky ghouls and goblins…pesky little things! They are approximately business card sized and will be done in either colour, blackwork or black & grey depending on the artist. If you ask nicely they may take your preference into consideration 😉

“How do I Book in?” 
Contact your preferred artist and specify that you’d like a gumball tattoo. Easy peasy.

“I heard there were Prizes?” 
There are indeed! Because we love you, we’ve added a few extra prizes in the machine to be won, including t-shirts and – if you’re *really* lucky – there are some tattoo vouchers in there too! If you get one of these on your go, have no fear – you’ll still get a free turn to receive your tattoo…you lucky devil you!

“Can we see Previews of what’s in there?” 
From time to time we’ll post a couple of sneaky previews so be sure to follow our social media to catch them! You can see what has already been chosen and given a home by checking out our dedicated photo album on facebook which you can view here.

“I want a refund!”
If you decide to take on the Beavertron 3000 (aka the Gumball machine) then once you hand over your £50 there are NO REFUNDS. The whole point of the gumball machine is to ‘Get What You Get’, so under no circumstances will we issue a refund. Don’t like the design? Wimped out? No excuses! Those are the risks and those are the rules. If you’re a chicken, don’t play 😉

“But I *really* don’t like the design!”
Of course if you really don’t like the design given, we’re not going to pin you down and force the tattoo onto you. You will not get a refund or another try unless you pay for another turn – however your money will go directly to our chosen charity ‘The Padley Group’ to help homeless and struggling people in our local community. You can find out more about The Padley Group here. We also have a charity box available for you to give spare change to The Padley Group should you wish to. Every donation – big or small – will help!