Pre-Appointment Information

  • All deposits are non-refundable
  • Its extremely important to be well rested and well fed before your appointment. 
  • Be sure to have loose and comfortable clothing that you don’t mind possibly getting ink on. 
  • If you are under or look under 25, please make sure to bring photographic ID with you or you may be refused.
  • Please make sure the area you are getting tattooed is free from scabs, bruises, open wounds, injury of any kind, and any skin complaints.
  • If you wax, please leave a couple of days after your wax before getting tattooed to allow the skin to recover.
  • Avoid fake tan, sunbathing, saunas and steam rooms before your appointment.
  • Octopus Tattoo operates a strict no under 18’s policy so please arrange appropriate childcare. We cannot allow children to walk around the studio or reception area.
  • Although tattoo work is quoted per hour, please expect your visit to be longer to allow for necessary preparations, breaks, etc.
  • A minimum of 48hrs notice is required for all cancellations and re-bookings. Anything less than 48hrs will result in loss of deposit.
  • Please do not attend your appointment under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Failure to comply will result in refusal and your deposit will be forfeit.

If you have any further questions regarding pre-appointment information, please feel free to get in touch with your artist.