Rates & Consultation


Consultations are a vital part of the tattoo process. We can either book a consultation face to face or through email (which is particularly handy for those who are travelling a long way). Emails are preferred as a first point of contact, and we can book a studio consultation appointment if required – especially for larger pieces or when enquiring about a cover-up or rework. As always, consultations are free of charge with no obligation to book in with your chosen artist.

We are happy for you to bring/email reference pictures to aid in explaining your ideas to your artist, however our artists will not copy any other tattoo’s or artwork.

After you’ve had a consultation, whether via email or in the studio, and if you would like to go ahead with the tattoo then a deposit must be paid in order to secure your appointment. Deposit amounts are set at an hour of work (if over an hour) or 50% of the amount if under an hour (see our policies page for further information). Please see below for the rates of our resident artists.


Ben Shaw£80 per hour
Gerry Carnelly£80 per hour
Mat Bone£70 per hour
Leigh Boardman – £70 per hour

Minimum charge£40