We are hiring! 

You heard it right folks we are taking on 2 new staff members aiming to start in early January. Both roles will have the same basic clerical duties but then will have different key duties. Both positions will be part time with a 22.5 hour working week at national minimum wage and will be Tuesday – Saturday. 

Responsibilities for both roles:

  • Making and amending appointments
  • Telephone, email and social media correspondence; keeping artists updated as to any changes to appointments.
  • Offering advice to clients as regards choice of artist, design, cost of tattoo.
  • Cash handling
  • Record keeping / sales etc

Clerical position 09:30 – 14:00:

As the first point of contact for all customers our ideal candidates will demonstrate a friendly and welcoming attitude toward the general public, no matter what their attitude or appearance. Excellent communication skills are essential and should be reflected in a good phone manner and prompt correspondence over emails and social media.

Precise record keeping and organisational skills are invaluable in the infrastructure of any business, and Octopus Tattoo is no exception.

Tasks will include:

  • Reminder messages to clients
  • Weekly banking
  • Regular stock check, rotation and ordering
  • Daily cleaning of the studio
  • Handling bio-hazardous material
  • Fire alarm checks
  • Utility meter reading, arranging PAT testing etc. 

Media and promotions role 13:30 – 18:00:

The key objective is to ensure Octopus Tattoo will stand out in the mind of the general public. This will involve extensive interaction with social media, and the creation, organisation and promotion of studio events throughout the year with a view to maintaining public interest and awareness. 
Applicants will need to have a demonstrable ability to use various forms of social media and other media platforms.
Candidates will be required to generate visual content, ie photography and video so editing and experience with adobe products (light room, photoshop etc) is desirable. Experience with WordPress is also preferable but not essential.

Tasks will include: 

  • Website interaction – news, blog posts, portfolio updates, galleries etc
  • Regular newsletter with articles and upcoming events etc
  • Regular social media interaction over all platforms
  • Creation and management of events, ie competitions, studio events.
  • Promoting different aspects of the artists, ie outside work and interests
  • Project managing and budgeting for larger events.

Please send a cover letter and current applicable CV to octopustattooderby@gmail.com and specify in your cover letter which position you would like to apply for. If you would like to be considered for both roles please state this also.

Please note that we will be unable to notify unsuccessful applicants. Those who are successful will be notified before the first week of January. 

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